January 2024

10 pivotal trends set to redefine the supply chain sector in 2024

The warehousing, supply chain, and logistics sector is experiencing significant shifts due to advancements in technology, robotics, and automation. Looking ahead, it’s evident that these innovations will persist in molding the industry, fostering expansion. This article delves into several critical elements anticipated to present both challenges and opportunities in the upcoming year.

March 2024

WCS, leading provider of WMS systems reports global growth with its CSnx platform, noting a 25% revenue rise and 30% more staff

The significant growth of WCS reflects rising demands for warehouse management solutions amid fast-changing global commerce and e-commerce expansion. 

This trend highlights industries’ trust in WCS across Retail, Grocery, Wholesale, and more, as it leverages automation and AI to boost efficiency and meet consumer expectations, solidifying its role as a key player in today’s competitive market.

March 2019

Australia's premier independent grocer, Drakes, initiates the deployment of the CSnx warehouse management platform by WCS

Drakes, the leading independent grocery retailer in Australia, is incorporating the advanced CSnx warehouse and labor management system from WCS (Worldwide Chain Stores) into its newly established grocery wholesale division, Brave Logistics. By moving away from conventional third-party suppliers for grocery procurement, the establishment of Brave Logistics aims to supply its nationwide supermarkets directly, enabling more effective cost management.

February 2018

WCS and Optricity have today announced a partnership that brings an advanced, integrated slotting offering to WCS’ leading warehouse management system, CSnx.

The partnership between the two companies will enhance WCS’s slotting capabilities, providing businesses facing high inventory turnover or operational hurdles with a solution to optimise product allocation and boost picking efficiency.

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