Musgrave wanted to upgrade to a modern WMS that would help them unlock greater productivity, and efficiency and streamline critical processes.

The platform needed to support real-time processing, big data, mobile, automation, e-commerce, SaaS delivery and more.

They reviewed the market to find a partner that could deliver the innovation, agility, and resilience they needed and decided on our flagship product: CSnx.

The system helped them achieve 8.2% lift in labour productivity, savings in labour costs and inventory accuracy above 99.9%.

“The ROI figures speak for themselves, far exceeding any results we could have achieved from other competitive technologies."

Brendan Fitzgerald | Industrial Engineer | Musgrave

The Customer

Musgrave is Ireland’s leading food retail, wholesale and food service company.

Together with their retail partners, they support more than 41,000 jobs, in more than 1,400 stores and offices, with combined total retail sales of €5.4 billion.

CSnx is currently operating in six warehouses with a total footprint of 750,000 SQ feet.

What was required

As demand and complexity increased over time, it became clear that Musgrave needed a modern, future-proof WMS.

The system needed to be scalable and support the ease of integration to deliver future innovation opportunities across their logistics and supply chain network.

It also needed to be easy to use, flexible, and scalable, with powerful functionality straight out of the box and the ability to customise the system to meet Musgrave’s unique needs.

Why Musgrave chose CSnx

Current with the future in mind

After benchmarking and evaluating CSnx, Musgrave decided it had everything needed to meet current requirements and the flexibility to adapt to future needs

WCS understands their business

Our deep understanding of Musgrave’s business ensured that CSnx could be tailored to Musgrave’s needs, unlike other vendors 

Future technical trends

The open architecture and strong integration capability also meant that the solution could support future requirements like BYOD and robotic process automation


CSnx’s audit-ready, built-in compliance was also a factor, ensuring that Musgrave warehousing operations would comply with current and future legislation relating to labour law, bonded warehousing as well as financial and food safety regulations

“Part of my job when we were upgrading our WMS was to look at other systems… A lot of the functionality I took for granted wasn’t in these products.

These systems were more well-known but they didn’t have the functionality I would have expected.”

Anthony Wall | IT Project Leader | Musgrave

The results

Musgrave reported an 8.2% lift in labour productivity of the new system being online

Inventory accuracy is above 99.9%

Over 60% of Picking assignments in our largest depot moved from Single Combi assignments to 4 Combi assignments due to enhanced consolidated picking functionality within CSnx, resulting in reduced travel and increased value-add time

Real-time element of CSnx resulted in better pick-face accuracy reducing the percentage of re-picks

"We’ve been able to achieve 99.9% accuracy, which leaves very few errors within our operation and critically at the retailers back door, where they have been able to eliminate the costs associated with having to check all deliveries and so are able to position staff in more customer facing positions."

Brendan Fitzgerald | Industrial Engineer | Musgrave

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